A favorite of many – the bright cheery metallic red and white ornament

Welcome to Ornamental – Where you can select your favorite ornament for the holidays, or for any occasion.

I am currently working on updating this page with the various themes, patterns and ornament sets.
Stay tuned for updated pictures and planned craft fairs.
Custom orders are also accepted – please contact me at hanessacm@yahoo.ca for your special order.

You can choose your color of fabric, ribbon, metallic fabric insert, feathers and general “type” of ornament such as Whimsical, traditional, and non-holiday.

Thanks for visiting Ornamental.
Sylvie Hanes
Artist and owner


2 responses to “Ornamental”

  1. Margaret-Ann Davis Avatar

    Hi Sylvie
    I thought I’d look you up……..it was wonderful hanging with you for the day……you are amazing!!! The angel reading was good……….just made a few things a bit more clearer for me…..I think I’ll have a little party with some girlfriends and have her over….
    your ornaments are beautiful…………
    I’ll be in touch,

  2. Juan Carlos Avatar
    Juan Carlos

    Hola Sylvie.Me he alegrado mucho el conocerte y hablar contigo.Espero que el camino te depare grandes alegrías.
    Tu blog me gusta mucho,los comentarios y las fotos son muy buenas.Desde ahora te voy a seguir por tu pagina.Un abrazo y !Buen camino!

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