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  • The “Q” Memories – walking down the Camino memory lane

    You might have thought that finding pictures with the letter “Q” would be difficult. Yes, it was – – however, I did find a few… Queso – or cheese in Spanish – Spain has some award winning cheeses. Goat’s or cow’s cheese, both are very common in Spain and in abundance. I was so surprised […]

  • The “P” Memories – Walking down the Camino memory lane

    Delicious Pulpo (octopus). In Galicia, this is a delicacy and one can find pulpo in specialized restaurants called pulperia. You can also buy in on the street at the outdoor market. The pulpo is boiled in copper caldrons, cut with scissors and typically served on a wooden round plate drizzled with olive oil and hot […]

  • the “N” Memories – Walking down the Camino Memory Lane

    This is a view of one of the nave in the Cathedral of Santiago. I took the picture during a rooftop walk that turned out to be an amazing experience. Up from where I was, is where many of the medieval pilgrims stayed. The Cathedral is a beautiful sight to see, and during my two […]

  • The “M” memories – walking down the Camino Memory Lane

    Today’s post has many “M” photos… so let’s get going! First off… the Majestic trees- These trees caught my eye as soon as I saw them on the horizon. Standing on their own – they seemed to have an imposing presence, and for sure, they hadvery interesting shapes… They really stood out among all others.   There are […]

  • The “L” Memories – walking down the memory Camino lane

    There is something so peaceful about a long and winding road (Cue the Beatles song). I never saw these roads as huge undertaking but as a quiet opportunity to think. Of course this would be a different story if this was after walking 6 hours already! I admit I preferred the paths that were further […]

  • The “K” Memories – walking down the memory Camino Lane

    The beautiful kaleidoscope coulours of this stained glass window are simply spectacular. So many of the churches and cathedrals have some of the most elaborately painted glass storyboards, and having had the opportunity to make stained glass pieces with my husband Steve, my eye is always looking to see light shining through  the churches’ masterpieces. During my […]

  • The “J” Memories – walking down the memory Camino Lane

    This sight was simply jarring to me. There was a visceral reaction that went through me when my eyes set on this part of a wall. I can’t even recall where I was when I saw this, but I can remember my exact mild shock and breath holding and complete perplexity as I tried to […]

  • The “I” Memories – walking down the memory Camino Lane

    While I walked through all the villages and towns, I found it particularly interesting to really look at the differences from my home country. Needless to say, coming from Canada, our country is very young compared to the countries in Europe. I do find there is a “look and feel” about Spain. In particular, I […]

  • The “H” Memories – walking down the memory Camino Lane

    Nestor, our trusty donkey lead (we called ourselves Team Nestor) brought joy to so many around him. He was by far, the most photographed of us all. He had a friendly disposition and seemed comfortable around people at all times. This particular picture always makes me smile – I call it “Happy Encounter” because Nestor […]

  • The “G” Memories – walking down the memory Camino Lane

    When one walks 6-8 hours per day, keeping up one’s energy can be challenging. One of the important daily preparation is to ensure one has enough snacks and water. Fortunately on the Camino Frances (the most populated Camino) there are so many cafes, stores and restaurants to provide us with food and drinks. I always […]