Although I hold many titles, my two favorite ones is as a mom to two amazing young women and best friend to my hubby.

I am retired from the corporate world and take on occasional consulting projects.

I live in Canada and my major interests are anything related to the Camino de Santiago, photography, novel writing, newbie quilting and learning as I am a perpetual student of life.


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  1. Karee Lyn Alexander Avatar
    Karee Lyn Alexander

    Hey Sylvie,

    Steve and I would love to send you a Christmas card. I am breaking my silence of like 7 years. 🙂 Would you please send me your address? Have a Merry Christmas!

    -Karee Alexander

    1. Sylvie Avatar

      Hi Karee
      Here I am, a voice from the past! I trust you, Steve and the boys are doing great! I can’t even imagine how old they are now… likely flying planes, driving and perhaps even college?? or high school still?

      It’s been a long time – and I’d love to hear from you.
      If you get a moment, drop me a note, my email is hanessacm@yahoo.ca
      Sylvie from Canada

  2. André Avatar


    Just ran into your blog while searching for Camino experiences. I can see that it changed you and you have been stamped with it. I have been told the same 🙂 I did France in 2008, and finished with the Camino frances in 2013.

    Nice to reach your blog. I have put my own souvenirs in a book I printed for my living table. I must admit I also carry a copy in my walking gear, to reground myself with it as necessary. You can read it in full screen mode here.


    Have a nice evening

    1. Sylvie Avatar

      Thank you so very much for your kind words. I looked through your book, you did an awesome job putting it all together! It is truly beautiful and I especially enjoyed the Spanish portion of it since it’s what I have walked… Thanks for sharing this with me – I will share the link with my Camino friends who also enjoy anything “camino”! PS If you want, I’ve created a bumper sticker with my photos, and I’ve got a few extra – if you would like one, let me know and send me a personal message with your address. Cheers! Sylvie

  3. Mme veronica Avatar
    Mme veronica

    bonjour ma chère sylvie

    peux tu me donner ton numero de téléphone je ne l ai pas mais j ai vu que tu en avais un j aimerais te parler J espère que tu es bien rentrée et que tu es contente


    1. Sylvie Avatar

      J’espere que tu es bien, et “estas disfrutando de la vida”!
      Si tu as un moment, laisses moi savoir comment tu vas! Je reste au Canada cette ete, mais l’an prochain je retournerais en Espagne pour quelques mois.
      Sylvie – Hanessacm@yahoo.ca

  4. James Avatar

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  5. Craig Finlay Avatar
    Craig Finlay

    Hello, I am helping an art history faculty member put together an open art history workbook for students. It will be a publicly available art history resource. We’re currently working on the paleolithic era and I’d like to include the photo you posted of yourself holding the Venus of Brassempouy head. Would you please send me an email if you’d be willing to allow us to use your photo? We’d of course give proper credit and link to the original.

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