The “U” Memories – Walking the Camino Memory Lane


This unique window treatment caught my eye. First off, there is the year 1967. Not sure if this is when the house was built, the owners moved it, or a commemoration of another celebration.

The small figures at the top represent a bullfighter, a picador  and a damsel. Let’s not forget the two bulls. And to complete the scene, two letters “M”.

I’m sure there is an entire short story surrounding this unique window, one which I will likely not ever know.


This is a flag of France, with a little flag of Canada. While on my first Camino I met a group of 5 French pilgrims who became my good friends.

We grew closer as the days went by, and by our arrival in Santiago, much like in the movie The Way, we did not really want to part.

In honour of our newly formed friendship, I felt appropriate to sew one of my flag patches on their flag.

A symbol of our union.



Isn’t this a most unusual fountain.

I think what makes it most unusual is the facial features, and most specifically the eyebrows.

It seems, to me, this conveys emotion of surprise, concern or maybe just weariness.

I don’t recall where I found this fountain but I do remember heading towards it thinking this was one of the strangest one I had ever seen.



This photo was taken in Vitoria and yes, I have lots of pictures from that city, because there was a bounty of unusual and different things to see.

I like the idea that this upward set of multiple staircases is flanked by smooth stoned paths, no doubt offering another option for climbing or descending this rather steep terrain. In the 30 minutes or so I spent taking pictures of this location, I only saw 3 people take the stairs – most everyone preferred the smooth path.

Vitoria is the city where I found outdoor escalators; it’s a very hilly city and it reminded me of Quebec City in my country, Canada.

Cheers from my virtual Camino tour!

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