The “Q” Memories – walking down the Camino memory lane

You might have thought that finding pictures with the letter “Q” would be difficult.
Yes, it was – – however, I did find a few…



Queso – or cheese in Spanish – Spain has some award winning cheeses.

Goat’s or cow’s cheese, both are very common in Spain and in abundance. I was so surprised at the low cost of cheese compared to back home in Canada.

Bruno, the owner of the albergue San Bruno in Moratinos is Italian, and he often makes tiramisu for dessert for the pilgrims. I went with him to the market to get mascarpone cheese and figured it would cost a small fortune, but it turns out even processed or imported cheeses cost about 1/3 of the cost in Canada. Go figure!

The next two (yes, I only have three today…) stand for the word quaint…



These are quaint bodegas – no, not little hobbit houses or elf dens. These little caves in the mountain actually housed (some still do) wine.

In Moratinos, there are over 25 of these still in existence. I visited the one owned by friends and I was quite surprised how big each one can be. One restaurant actually combined a few – quite interesting of a decor.

The next quaint location is in front of a flower shop in Santiago. I found this to be such an inviting storefront. and the person who runs this shop is really very nice and friendly.


Cheers from my virtual Camino tour!

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