The “O” Memories – Walking down the Camino Memory Lane



I walked into a small boutique hotel to ask for directions, and I chanced upon one of the most original entrance way.

This ornate ironwork gate caught my eye.

The sun was shining through the open wall sections and I stood there, mesmerized by these black swirls that made up this gate.


old and new-sDuring my walks in the various cities and towns, I noticed that often there were glaring sights of the juxtaposition of the old and the new.

Old, very old cathedrals were surrounded by very modern buildings. New city areas kept old lamp posts and street signs, and none were more strongly depicted as this scene – a very modern metro rapidly passing by the old church. What a dichotomy!



The churches and cathedrals on the Camino are filled with opulence.

These works of art, be they paintings, statues, columns, stained glass windows all blend together to offer a smorgasbord of historical fingerprints of their creators.

I could spend hours simply admiring the various pieces of art, however most times I only had an hour in the evenings to glance, see and capture them in photograph.

orderly-sOften the early risers arrived at the albergues before they were opened. The etiquette of waiting is such that pilgrims place their packs in the next available position. When the doors opened, the pilgrims rejoined their backpacks and filled in order.

I always thought this was such a sight – and reminded me of my grade school days when we used to stand in fill waiting to come inside the school, or leave for the day. Quite civilized, don’t you think?


Original chiminey

Original chimney

My last picture is of this most original chimney. Built to match the roof of its attached house, I found this to be very unique and interesting.

The builder must have been very meticulous and somewhat of an artist to take the time to create this quirky but enchanting chimney.

Cheers from my virtual Camino tour!

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