The “K” Memories – walking down the memory Camino Lane

Kaleidoscope window

Kaleidoscope window

The beautiful kaleidoscope coulours of this stained glass window are simply spectacular. So many of the churches and cathedrals have some of the most elaborately painted glass storyboards, and having had the opportunity to make stained glass pieces with my husband Steve, my eye is always looking to see light shining through  the churches’ masterpieces.

Knight in shining armor?

Knight in shining armor?

During my first Camino in 2011, I chanced upon this knight and his horse as they stood near a small village’s plaza mayor. The first time I saw him I assumed he was part of a renaissance fair. I didn’t think of asking him for a picture, and I went in the nearby cafe to get some water. When I came back out, he was still there, seemingly just standing. He waved me over and asked how my journey was coming along. We chatted for a few minutes and I asked him if I could take his picture. He said “claro mi senorita” (of course, my lady) 1 Euro. I smiled and thought he has was a smart person to at least pose for a Euro. I mentioned that I wanted to get the picture just “right” and had him slightly turn his sword little by little until the sun just hit it enough to create a burst of light. And, this is what I ended up with – a perfect ray of sun shining on his sword! Well worth the one Euro!

keepsake-sThe credential is an important document as it serves to identify us as pilgrims. We get this document stamped at various locations during our journey. I always preferred to get my credential stamped at special places when possible. Churches often has someone available for us to stamp our paperwork, and in this case, the priest not only stamped my “pilgrim keepsake” but asked me about my journey, and ended our conversation with a blessing.

From previous posts you likely know about my fascination about doors. The next two pictures are related to doors – a special door knocker and a very unique keyhole.

knock knock-s







Cheers from my virtual Camino tour!

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