The “F” Memories – walking down the memory Camino Lane

favorite author-s

Antonio Machado is my favorite Spanish author followed by Miguel De Cervantes who wrote Don Quijote.

When I arrived in Burgos during my second Camino, I spent a few days in the city touring the museums. I chanced upon the opening celebrations of an exhibit of Antonio’s works. Journals with his poems were featured as well as many of his letters and notes.

When I studied in Spain in the late 70s, his poems had been made into songs featuring the singer Juan Manuel Serrat.  One of Antonio’s most known poem is so appropriate for pilgrims.




What a perfect poem for the Camino journey!


Fountains are very common on the Camino, and the water is mostly potable, very cold and refreshing.

I always filled up my water bottle whenever possible, as we didn’t always know where the next fountain or cafe might be.

When every once of weight counts, water can be one of the heaviest component of the pack. Having access to safe cold water was a welcomed option and certainly alleviated the need to carry large amount of water with us at all times

Cheers from my virtual Camino tour!