The “D” Memories – Walking down the Camino Memory Lane



The Cruz de Ferro (Iron cross) is a very special location on the Camino Frances where millions of pilgrims have left rocks, stones and mementos. On my first Camino I carried with me some of my mother in law’s ashes, my father’s rosary beads, two small flowers from my parents’ grave site, and a special rock for my best friend’s father. I left everything at the cross with the exception of my father’s rosary, which stayed with me through my first and second journey. I spent more than an hour at this location being grateful for the love of my family and friends. I said many prayers for my departed loved ones and for the people currently in my life. It was one of the most emotional dedication time and the memories of that day still warm my heart.

daisy direction-sI am likely going to find out that these are NOT daisies, but that’s what they seem to be to me. The yellow arrows are markers to help us pilgrims take the right direction. 

Marie-Jo, one of my Camino friends who happened to be a bit ahead of us, decided to make a special arrow just for us! Isn’t it sweet?




While In Burgos last year I chanced upon this sight! Huge manmade dancers whirled and walked around to the beat of local musicians’ notes.

I waiting to actually capture not only these giant dancers, but the people close by to give a sense of the size of these giants

Notice the even larger entrance way in the background,which gives you an idea of the scale the church.


Nestor the donkey

Nestor the donkey

I always get a huge smile on my face when I see pictures of Nestor the donkey. My friends from France brought Nestor along, not to carry their packs, but as a walking companion. Nestor really enjoyed walking long distance. In fact, by 7 AM every morning he would start getting impatient and called to us. His calls became louder and more insistent until we would show up, saddle him and of course, give his some hugs. He certainly opened my eyes to his kind, and I have to say that if all donkeys were like him, I would have one of my own.

Morning dew

Morning dew

Early morning starts would offer the most peaceful times and I relished in observing nature at its best. I stopped to photograph this beautiful spider web covered in morning dew.  At home I used to rush to my destinations, often not even noticing the surrounding beauty.  During my Camino journeys I experienced some of the most grounding moments when taking time to truly admire what was around me, be it animals, plants, flowers and yes, even spider webs. The Camino taught me to really look, admire, observe and appreciate.

Cheers from my virtual Camino tour!

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