The “B” Memories – Walking down the Camino Memory Lane

beauty in anbandonment-s

Beauty in abandonment

This picture is of something we often see during our many days of walking: abandoned doors, buildings,  farms and churches.
There is a simple beauty in this particular photo, the door is barely standing yet the surrounding flowers and fence give it life.


Bells, bells and bells

Bells, bells and more bells. There is no shortage of bells on the Camino and in some towns, the church bells are quieted at night but many villages still ring theirs on the half hour. The first few nights of ringing was something of a hinderance to my sleep, but in no time I got to really appreciate their caroling sounds.

Breathtaking views

Breathtaking views

Often I would stop mid walk and simply gaze out at the endless breathtaking views. Vast expansions of land, wheat fields as far as the eye could see, crystal clear blue skies and landscapes reminiscent of green coloured quilts.

With the only sounds coming from my footsteps and the wind blowing around me, I often felt I was completely alone in the world. These were surreal moments during my day, ones I often remember with fondness.

So many bridges

So many bridges

The Roman influence certainly can be seen by the many bridges along the Camino paths. Far away you can see the small group of people (my friends from France) and our trusty companion donkey Nestor. I felt necessary to feature my traveling group in this picture, to give you a sense of scale. These bridges are truly magnificent!

Cheers from the virtual Camino tour!

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