The “A” Memories – Walking down the Camino Memory Lane

First day of the A to Z April Blog Challenge, and since this is the start, I wanted to share with you the process I used to select my photos. during my three Camino Journeys, I took more than 5,600 photographs. Photography is one of my hobbies, and since I spent more than 2 and half months in Spain during my second Camino (2013) walking, hiking, and volunteering as an hospitalera, I visited many many locations, and had lots of time to observe and capture images.

This challenge forced me to think about how I wanted to present my journeys. There are classic and iconic scenes, locations and symbols that we often see on postcards, books, blogs, websites and films. I wanted to try to share with you more unusual pictures. I couldn’t leave the iconic ones out, but I tried to show a different point of view of those. I plan on featuring between 4-5 pictures each blog page (for each letter) and most times I will provide a short narrative of the story behind the pictures. I don’t always recall where the photo was taken, so please understand if you ask me where it was taken might result in a “about there” answer. Feel free to leave comments, ask questions or just share your thoughts. So, let’s get started!


I want to start with the end… at least, with the first end of my original Camino in 2011 – my Arrival in Santiago. This picture always makes me teary because I remember the emotions of standing in front of the cathedral and realizing I had managed to walk the distance… it was a bit bittersweet as I had made amazing friends (the group from France with the ever-so-popular donkey Nestor) and I knew we would soon leaving each other.

It was probably one of my most cherished “I’ve done it” memory (outside giving birth to our 2 girls).

art-s A bit fuzzy of a picture but this Art is found just out of Moratinos heading towards Sahagun.

Quite different and unique, I was puzzled trying to figure out the symbolism of it all, and I simply let it impress me as I walked by it. This view became very familiar when I spent a month as hospitalera at my friend Bruno’s albergue in 2013.

as far as the eye can see-s

I title this piece “As far as the eye can see” – so many of our roads looked like this… faint villages or small towns in the far far distance and nothing but nature surrounding us…

I was a slow walker so many times I would find myself walking on my own. I admit this was a great time for me as it really gave me a chance to take everything in.

attitude-s My last picture for the letter “A” is titled “Attitude” – This immortalized man just seemed to scream “I have attitude” by his stance and his fierce pose!

This statue is located in a park in Burgos. Spain sure has its share of statues, and this one just called to me.

I didn’t take the time to note in whose honour this was chiselled, nonetheless he did capture my attention. I tried to take time to walk about the cities, towns and villages as often as I could.

Cheers from my virtual Camino tour!

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