Walking down the Camino memory lane

During the last 4 years, March has been  a month of preparation for my Camino journeys. Three times have I found myself packing, repacking, shopping for new items, retiring older items and dreaming about the upcoming magical journey that is the walking on the Camino de Santiago.

This year is a stay-at-home year. My last Camino journey, in honour of my fallen sister, was cut short due to a medical issue, but I never once thought that would be my last Camino. In fact, my plan is to continue to live the Camino life as often as health and providence allows.

I will however relive my Camino memories through a challenge I opted to take, that of blogging from A-Z during the month of April. This challenge requires us to write a blog entry focused on each letter of the alphabet, on a daily basis. The subject is totally up to our choosing, and I decided to dedicate my challenge to my Camino memories. I have over 5,000 pictures taken during my 3 Camino adventures, and I decided to combine text and picture to share my experience with readers.

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Most of my blog readers are not pilgrims, but most have let me know they enjoyed experiencing the Camino through my photographs and stories. In honour of the Camino and all it has brought to me, I dedicate my challenge to it. I will post 4-5 pictures each day and in choosing my photos this weekend, I opted to aim to give a less traditional view into my journeys.

I looked for pictures that perhaps were not obvious of the Camino, but pictures that still to this day stir my soul and makes me long to return once again on Spanish soil.

I hope you enjoy this 26 day photographic essay and if you prefer the convenience of receiving updates as part of your emails, you can sign up on any of the pages of my blog and updates will be delivered directly to you.

I have received much more than I could ever give back to the Camino and I hope that for pilgrims, this brings back great memories and for non-pilgrims, I hope you discover a new side of what can be while walking the Camino de Santiago.


15 responses to “Walking down the Camino memory lane”

  1. Dianne Avatar

    Please add me to receive your blog. Look forward to reading. I walked the Camino France in 2013.

    1. Sylvie Avatar

      Completed. Thanks!

  2. Stepheny Houghtlin Avatar

    I am a minion for the #Challenge this year and will be spending time with you in April. Looking forward to your theme’s subject. I live a spiritual life that includes an internal journey, now I can make this one with you. One thought for you. There is no place that is obvious and easy to leave a comment. I took a chance that the SMALL print that said 3 replies would get me something. It did, BUT the point of the challenge is getting new friends, new followers, new readers. You want them to leave comments. There is time to tweak your site to make leaving comments easier. Just a thought.

    1. Sylvie Avatar

      Thanks Stephany – I am really looking forward to this challenge! Thanks for the tip. I will make some modifications.

  3. Jennie Avatar

    I’d love to receive your blog. I haven’t walked the Camino, but I hope to do so one day soon.

    1. Sylvie Avatar

      Done – hope you enjoy the virtual trip!

  4. Michelle Avatar

    Looking forward to your sharing

  5. anetta Avatar

    Please add me for your Blog.

    1. Sylvie Avatar

      Done Anetta.

  6. Jennifer Hofmann Avatar

    How great! I know you from the APOC Facebook group and am delighted that you decided to post about your blog project there. I’ve been writing reflectively about my own Camino for over a year and have found it to be most illuminating. In fact, I’ve gotten as much from writing as the journey itself. I look forward to reading your reflections and am wishing you a buen camino this month!

  7. sue morris Avatar
    sue morris

    Lovely idea Sylvie and I am looking forward to receiving updates as you go along. Having followed your blog for quite a while now, I know that this new challenge will prove very interesting….I am also looking forward to reliving my own memories of my Caminos as I look at your pics and read your words….Hugs.

  8. Danielle Avatar

    I’ll be happy to follow your footsteps and memories and compare them to my Camino, started on September 4th, 2014.

  9. Line Avatar

    Hi, I will be on my first Camino starting in Roncevalles on May 4th. I would enjoy reading your blog posts, please sign me in. Merci

    1. Sylvie Avatar

      Done Line. And a bit ahead of time, but Buen Camino!

  10. barbara Avatar

    Please add me. Thanks.

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