A week in Florida

I’ve been blessed to be able to spend a week in Florida with my sweetie, geocaching all week long. The biggest challenge I encountered in my quest to be healthy was eating out.

Fortunately, I managed to make most of my selections good healthy choices. I likely didn’t get as much water in me as I should have, that is something I kept forgetting even though we had water in the car. As well, I didn’t do much walking, but on t he flip side this helped me rest my foot.

I did my foot stretches religiously – every morning and evening, and during the day as often as I could. I still can’t walk comfortably on hard surfaces, but on grass it was quite fine. Most of the Camino is on earthy and grass surfaces, and I still have a few months before the walk begins.

While in Florida, we did buy fruits and low fat snacks such as almonds to help us manage between meals. I enjoyed eating at Cracker Barrels where I ordered catfish and trout! Mmmm… and I made the sides healthy veggies.

I do look forward to heading back in the gym at home. My longer walks will have to wait since the weather has been very cold (-35 C) and I’m not really equipped for long walks in that temperature. I will be bringing my backpack (filled of course)to the gym as I can leverage the treadmill for some of the walks.

This week was another opportunity to make things happen regardless of the current situation (out of town, no access to kitchen) and continue to work on my project to better health.
Life is grand!

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