Week 8 – Day 7

The power of group support!

Dr. Oz often talks about one’s support system, be it a spouse, children, friends, coworkers or resource people. A support system should be supportive – of course and we’ve all heard about people who indirectly sabotage improvement plans. Their motives may be so deep in their subconscious that they may not even know they are impeding your progress. Those types of people need to be on your “B” list in terms of contacts, especially if you are going through a challenging time in your own personal growth.

Supporters will support you in many ways
– recognizing your achievements and encouraging you to continue
– high five you when they hear of a goal or milestone you have reached
– share tips, ideas and suggestions
– speak encouraging words etc etc etc.

The success of your journey can very well be accelerated by a good support system. As well, a little friendly competition goes a long way. I’m not talking about a cut throat fight to the finish line, I’m talking a friendly bet. With this in mind, I joined a group of people wanting to improve their health and wellbeing, and along with the camaraderie, the exchange of information there is also a bit of a challenge with a few $$ as prizes.

We all know we ALL WIN when we aim to do things that will increase our energy, increase our overall wellbeing and reduce tension and perhaps a few pounds along the way.

This challenge started today, Sunday, and will continue on through February 14th. One month of additional focus on exercise, eating right, moving our bodies and doing things to improve our day to day lives. What a great premise for a challenge! What makes up the challenge part? Well, the top three participants who have lost the highest percentage of weight will take home the dollars. The initial investment of us all? a mere $10 – approximately equivalent to two specialty coffees at Starbucks, a Tuesday movie entrance ticket, 8.5 liters of gas (which we will save by walking to places instead of driving!)…

If two heads are better than one, imagine 20, 25 or 30! I am looking forward to learning from all the participants and who knows – perhaps I’ll be one of the winner and get to spend the $$ on a new pair of sneakers or exercise pants!

Surround yourself with supporting souls who only have encouragement and enthusiasm to give you! You’ll see how far their energy will bring you. Thanks Margaret-Ann for thinking this idea up and spearheading this project!

One thought on “Week 8 – Day 7

  1. I think you’re absolutley right Sylvie and I am so glad that you are part of my personal support team!! You inspire me!!

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