Week 8 – Day 6

pc yogurt

I’ve only recently started to buy Greek yogurt. It was simply due to my lack of awareness of the differences between regular yogurt and Greek yogurt. I like both types, the list of the “100 foods Dr. Oz wants in your shopping cart” only contains Greek yogurt.

If you wonder, as I did, what the differences are between both yogurts, here are some of those:
Greek yogurt is lower in carbohydrates
Greek yogurt is thicker and creamier
Greek yogurt is higher in protein
Greek yogurt is lower in sodium
Greek yogurt can also be higher in fat and calories, but non-fat Greek yogurts are still naturally creamy, meaning you don’t need the full-fat version for great taste and texture.

Next time you find yourself in the dairy aisle of your supermarket, consider buying Greek yogurt for a change.

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