Week 8 – Day 1

stirfryThe mighty Stir-fry!

I make stir-fry at least twice a week. It allows me to incorporate many different vegetables in one meal, as well as add lean meats such as turkey or chicken. I also now add brown rice to it, adding a rich taste and by itself, my stir-fry is a complete meal.

Why is stir-frying such a good way to cook your vegetables? It’s the way in which the food is cooked that makes a stir-fry healthier than most other forms of cooking. Because the food is cooked so quickly, nutrients like vitamin C and folic acid are preserved. If you microwave or boil vegetables, these benefits will be lost.

I first add the vegetables that take longer to cook such as onions, broccoli, carrots, celery, peppers. Mid way through, I add lean meats, and at the end I add mushrooms, spinach and vegetables that required very little cooking time. I also add my herbs near the end, as I find they tend to wilt and get bitter if overcooked. My favorite herbs to add are cilantro or basic. Since I have a strong intolerance to garlic, I don’t typically add it to the stir-fry but many do. If I have them handy, I will also toast some sesame seeds and add them to the rice. I add the rice last (I precook the rice in my rice cooker) and mix everything together, add a dash of soya sauce, and let it sit for 5 minutes to let everything settle and the tastes to mix together.

Stir-frying is a fast and easy way to make use of all those little leftover veggies you may have, although for us, stir-fry is just a regular meal that we enjoy.

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