Week 1 – Day 3

TIP – Trim your tummy by packing your grocery cart with monounsaturated fats, easily remembered as MUFAS. Found in nuts, olive oil and seeds, MUFAS are healthy sources of energy to keep you going all day long. Other fat burners include avocados, green tea and whole grains.

I’ve always enjoyed eating avocados, not so much in guacamole but mostly in salads or in this case, in my lunch wrap. To a whole wheat wrap I added half an avocado, 4 slices of lean ham (no preservatives type) and loads of mesclun salad. Absolutely delicious!

Week 1 – Day 2

TIP – Cruciferous Vegetables (Serving size: Unlimited)

Cruciferous vegetables belong to the cabbage family. What’s great about these greens is that they protect against cancer. Look for cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, bok choy, kale and brussels sprouts.

Our family loves vegetables. Even as young girls, both Lisa and Meg never turned their nose up at all vegetable – – one of my favorite is broccoli, and I make it a point to serve it often.

Week 1 – Day 1

Deepak Chopra was a guest on the Dr. Oz show this week, shared his belief that accessing your Super Brain allows you to stay young and keep your memory strong.

You can rewire your brain with certain activities, and as Mr Chopra quoted, “Neurons that fire together, wire together”. One activity that we can all do right now, is to do something with our other hand.

When I was in my teens, I broke my left arm and was in a cast for 8 weeks. I had to take notes in school, so I tried my best to scribble some sentences and over time, I learned how to write with my right hand. I often wrote in my journals with my right hand, not really knowing anything about the power this had to help rewire my brain.

It’s been years since I’ve practiced, and as I wrote out these few sentences, I realized how much I had lost of this ability. It took me at least 5 times as long to write the second paragraph as it did the first.

However, knowing the benefits of this and other activities done with my alternate hand, I will practice at least one activity each day using my right hand. If this will help my brain, I’m all for it!

My new 20 week project

I’ve always been one to be open to many new ideas, advice and suggestions. I find that there is a wealth of information available to us on just about any subject you can imagine. I’ve always been interested in nutrition and health, although I currently am not a poster child for optimal health …

My many years of business travels, endless work hours, airport and restaurant foods did not help in this matter, but ultimately, I am a product of my choices. My choices were not always the right ones, but it’s never too late to start anew.

I’ve been watching the Dr. Oz show over the past few years, and I recognize that there is a plethora of information presented in those shows. Evidently, not everything is applicable at all times, but much of the ideas, suggestions and advice are soundly based on much research. In fact, the show allows for many leaders in their fields to share valuable information with us, the public.

Given I value my time and I don’t have the knowledge to conduct the type of research the show’s research group does, it seemed to me that I could leverage all this great information for my own transformation to better health, by it physically, spiritually and emotionally.

I’ve decided to spend the next 20 weeks applying ONE piece of advice, ONE suggestion or ONE call to action EACH AND EVERY DAY. Some of those nuggets of information will overlap each other and I believe that applying them will exponentially benefit my overall health.

Each day I will blog about the ONE change I will bring to my life, and will share with you my experience in doing so. Every four weeks I will summarize the changes that have occurred.

I look forward to sharing my journey with you,
With a smile on my face and much gratitude,