Week 2 – Day 3


Dr Oz featured Kristin Kirkpatrick who writes:
A new study in the October 11th issue of the journal PLoS Medicine found eating cruciferous vegetables – such as broccoli – in their whole form increases the absorption of cancer-fighting nutrients.
The study looked specifically at a key enzyme called myrosinase which is found in broccoli. The researchers determined that it was missing from most of the supplement forms of glucosinolates, a valuable phytochemical in cruciferous vegetables. Myrosinase is necessary for the formation of sulforaphane, the compound responsible for broccoli’s super healthy benefits. Furthermore, the study found that, without the enzyme found in the whole food, the body absorbed 5 to 8 times less of these important components in broccoli. The researchers also found that myrosinase was destroyed with excessive cooking and recommended lightly steaming for the best results.

Broccoli is a standard vegetable in our house and we eat it almost every week. I prefer to steam it and keep its bright green color and crisp texture.