Week 1 – Day 5

Today, we feature CHIA SEEDS.
Dr Oz’s tip: Chia seeds are super high in soluble fiber — which, in addition to filling you up, has cholesterol-lowering properties and prevents the absorption of fat. For a hydrating metabolism-boosting beverage, try a chia seed cocktail. Add chia seeds, a slice of lemon and a dash of agave to distilled water.

Well, after getting the chia seeds at the local Bulk store, I opted to add them to my morning natural low fat yogurt.

According to research, the exterior of the chia seed is covered in soluble fiber. But this isn’t just any soluble fiber, like that of an oat or flax seed.

The fiber of Chia is special, in that it can absorb NINE times the weight of the seed in water, and hold it close to the surface. When it does this, it forms a bead of gel, with the consistency of a gelatin snack. This gel isn’t easily removed from the seed. It takes the digestive system a while to use and remove it, thus hydrating the colon and easing digestion. A well hydrated colon has an easier time moving food through it. Keeping the body hydrated is also important for absorbing nutrients.

The soluble fiber in chia seeds helps control blood sugar levels by slowing down the transformation of carbohydrates into sugars. With the chia seed, you get all the nutrition, and all the taste; you can make these seeds taste like whatever you want. They absorb any liquid they’re placed in and distribute the flavor. They have no flavor of their own, so they can’t cover up or ‘ruin’ the taste of foods you love. They’re as easy to use as ‘measure & sprinkle on’! No messy grinding or any preparation is needed.

Sounds like an easy addition to any healthy diet!

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