You R Love

It’s late, I am hot and tired and uncomfortable … “A walk will do me well” I believe. I walk slowly behind our condo on a gravel/paved walkway. I look down, and realize I am so excited about …. well – Everything – – … Life is great, beautiful, challenging, mysterious and WONDERFUL.
I sit on the swing with my eyes slowly taking in everything visual. A boatload of sand – a blackboard of such. I look over my left shoulder and on the ground is a medium sized stick ideal for messages in the sand…

I realize I have to get on my knees to properly tap down the ground. It feels lumpy, round, and soft. I pat down an area perfectly sized for the message.
Twig in hand, I wait for the words to come… “You R Love” – – – sounds perfect… I carve – lights from close-by cars remind me that I could be found anytime.

I get back to my swing – and smile, and, well SWING!
Back home, I think “I must do this every night”… What a fun way to perhaps make people smile!


One year ago …

KM 0 - final arrival
Happy spring everyone! Wow – Time goes by so quickly and even more now that I am retired. I was looking back on my older posts (I do that often since it helps me recognize the changes that have occurred) and I was especially drawn to my April 2011 posts, since that was the beginning of the new phase of my life, and the preparation for the Camino.

How different am I today compared to last year? To be honest, there are times when I think nothing much has changed but MOST times I can’t even start explaining how much I HAVE changed.
The transition from high profile, high stress, high activity level, high pressure to walking the Camino with nothing but a pack carrying two change of clothes (and other items). My year has been a series of “transitions” and none was as difficult as my return from the Camino.

My intentions were to write a book about my experiences on the Camino, but upon my return I realized the following:
– I had not taken enough notes and details
– I have challenges finding the words to describe events, blessings, adventures etc
– Most importantly, what I did document wasn’t always written legibly…

You see, often I would write my notes in the evenings, before falling asleep… Well, often my body was tired, very tired, and my brain was a bit foggy from the dinner wine. Often I would write in my bed, by the light of my headlamp, inside my sleeping bag – – – my handwriting tends to be hard to read at best of times, but in those conditions, it became a puzzle just trying to figure out my chicken scratches. Therefore – – I MUST RETURN!

Many of you know of my plans to return next year. I am considering ways with which I would be able to really do well in keeping detailed notes. My plan is to expand on my trip and start in Bordeaux (France), traverse Spain and finish in Porto (Portugal) – a distance of 1200 kilometers.

At that point, I believe I will be prepared to write all my experiences.
As well, I recognize that even today, there are things that are new to me but are a result of my Camino experience, therefore, my rendition will not only include details of the trips but also my life back home both in between both trips and on my return from Portugal. This is planned for mid-April to mid July 2013.

I miss the Camino – a lot… often… wholeheartedly! I am trying to put in perspective the lessons I have experienced on the Camino and applying those lessons on a daily basis. Until then, I am living my charmed and blessed life as I prepare for the next Camino trip.

I am living each day with such gratitude for my family, my friends and my experiences.
One year ago my life took a very different path – it’s been an INCREDIBLE path!
I am looking forward to decades of path meandering !!