Cherries, cherries, cherries

I can’t believe that each single day brings on such different experiences. Today I had the pleasure to spend most of the day, as was yesterday, with Nestor the adorable donkey and its three owners, Daniele, John and Stephane.

Diets off Nestor is simply adorable! He is very friendly and funny. He’s easy to lead (we actually walked together he and I for quite a while. Only once did he. Do as he wanted when he smelled and saw a mare!

The new pleasure of today was the plethora of cherry trees! Right there, dozen and dozen within a few steps length. Bing cherries, yellow cherries, multi-colored ones… All wanting to be picked.

I have NEVER seen cherry trees before! I couldn’t believe how big they can be! Apparently, the labour cost to pick those is high so many go unpicked!

Well not those on the Camino! I think every pilgrim today enjoyed many cherries on the way!

As well I have made a connection with Nestor’s owners. They are such genuine people and we’ve had the pleasure of many hours of really insightful conversation. We might end up doing the rest of the trek together if I can keep up to Nestor!!!!

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