The nose knows

When I left this morning the clouds were still low and misty. Being so high up in the mountains everything is moist. At least 6 km were completed by walking through large areas of wild lavender and something similar to eucalyptus.

Given the misty air and those incredible smells I almost felt as if I was at the Spa… Well except for watching every step to ensure I didn’t sprain an ankle on those rocky patches.

It’s amazing when deprived of noise and distractions how other senses take over.

I’ve been given a strong sense of smell. Walking through these paths of herbs and flowers has been a truly delightful opportunity to pay attention to all the various smells.

I’ve always had a penchant for lavender and from this point on, its smell will now remind me of this part of the Camino… And of Chef Tim’s lavender cookies!!!

One thought on “The nose knows

  1. Til this day the smell of rosemary always reminds me of the camino… Being on a tight budget, I often cooked in the albergues with my camino companions. Rosemary was often growing all along the path, and we would grab a handful for a pasta sauce or potatoes at dinner time….Mmmmm

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