La Cruz de Ferro

I am only 8 km from the ‘iron cross” a very important location on the Camino. It is at the highest point of the Camino Frances, and is almost 1.5 km above sea level, a great hike.

At this location pilgrims take the time to leave something they might have brought as a symbol. A symbol of honor for ones who have passed, a token of one’s family or friends, a rock or item from one’s home.

It is also a symbolic gesture of letting go. Letting go of pain, of unfinished business, of anger, of mourning or other things that may way heavy in one’s life.

I’ve been very blessed in my life that I don’t really have any unfinished business with anyone. I try to live my life as if it was my last day because one day it will be

What I am bringing to the cross is two fold. I want to honor my parents and Marjorie, Steve’s mom and my mother-in-law. I will also pause for a special moment to honor Louis who played the role of second father to me during my teenage years and beyond.

These people are no longer in this physical world but still have a strong presence in my heart.

The one thing I want to symbolically leave at the cross is my need to be in control; to advise, guide, at times direct… Keep in mind this was my job for most of my career as a consultant! I let this flow into my every day life, and now I want to leave this behind.

This is not to say I won’t help others when asked, but I won’t assume this is what everyone wants. I feel the need to now “let go”. I feel the desire to let things happen on their own, to relinquish this need to lead, drive, decide, advise ..

I think starting at the “Cruz de ferro” is a perfect point…