The Games I Play

Today was the start of many many hills and valleys… and the uphill climbs are sometimes substantial. So I have a few games I play to keep me focused on my steps and not the uphill part – – –

I sing a specific song, and slow down the pace but still keep on singing the song. I don´t look up until the song is over… and then repeat the same song… I pick it early in the walk, and the picking is easy – – I look around and just let the song come to me… sometimes it´s in spanish, english even french. Today´s song was by Michael Jackson You are not Alone…

I go through the alphabet and think of someone whose name starts with the letter of choice – – and I don´t repeat names… it´s amazing what names pop in my head! People I have not heard of or seen in many decades! Funny thing, there is only one person who fits the ¨Q¨letter, and it´s a someone who was part of my Cincinnati group with her Facebook nickname starting with that letter! YOU know who you are, and now you know you are part of my game all the time! (smile)

I count with my steps… one fish, two fish, red fish and then substitute the color BLUE (blue fish) with whatever color I think of, in the order of the alphabet… I don´t look up until the entire alphabet has been completed…
So. one fish, two fish, red fish, Auburn fish, one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish, one fish, two fish, red fish, coral fish etc… The Q and X are tough but I make it work…..

Funny silly games needed otherwise just looking ahead to the big hills is just overwhelming… and this way, I can focus on my steps (and avoid the many snails), odd big rock and holes…. and it´s fun!! Keeps my mind focused on simple things…

The other thing I have done is asked for guidance from those who have left us. I have for example, asked for help with my feet, and my good friend Chetan came to mind, so Chetan is in charge of my feet! Every morning, I go through the various areas I´ve asked for support, and thank the associated person…. Sort of puts them in mind a lot, and the ones who come to my mind are often surprising… as my list grows, so does my morning ritual to thank them all.

Ah the games we play – but it´s all wonderful and help me through my journey!

2 thoughts on “The Games I Play

  1. We all play games I think. When I’m driving on a long road I count the transport trucks that are coming the other way – have counted many, many on the way to Cornwall.
    I also count steps but just in numbers (I’ve read that that is a sign of OCD – LOL). I think I will add the one fish, two fish to that game.
    Thanks for the inspiration and stay focused.

  2. I also count steps as I hike. 66 paces (every time my right foot hits the ground) is 100 metres, for me. Saves looking at the GPS all the time when I have 300+ metres to go…!

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