A snail´s pace

I bet you think I am going to write about MY pace. right? Not at all, but I will talk about snails.

Not one, not twenty but hundreds… They all are on the Caminnno early early mornings. A first from afar I thought they were little round rocks until I got closer and realized they were snails. Just a few, here and there, then more more and more!

They ALL were going in the same direction – at the rate they were heading, it is going to be a long trek.

On the subject of insects I have to share with you that often were are accompanied by beautiful dragonflies.

One of those stayed with me for quite a long time. I wish I could tell you how long but time becomes very difficult pinpoint without any watch or such. I don´t really want to know the time since it´s no longer relevant to me.

therefore my special dragonfly friend stayed with me for much longer than any of the other ones. It was a dark shade of blue and just as the others, preceeded me by a walking stick length. when I slowed down, it slowed down, when I sped up, it sped up.

Dragonflies are much different than butterflies – butterflies gly around us for shorter timeframes than those of dragonflies. but they come much closer to us.

i haven´t seen any fireflies yet, either because they aren´t any here or I go to bed too early!

You may wonder how often I´ve given so much thoughts to dragonflies, butterflies and snails? Easy answer: never until this Camino! Isn´t it wonderful!!

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