A few statistics and challenges with uploading my ipod updates

I´ve been adding updates to my ipod, but for some reason my ipod won´t connect to any WiFi for any lengths of time. Since I don´t want to retype my updates, here are a few thoughts until i can figure out the issue with my little ipod…

– The walking has become easier now, and my pack is part of me. I feel naked walking with it!
– I´ve stayed back a half a day so now I have one same pilgrim from the first week or so, and a whole new bunch – – we tend to walk in batches, so we get to see each other at the point of rest….
– Statisically, I´ve met more Germans than any others, and only 1 Austrian, Japanese and British pilgrim. The rest are mostly Italian, French and Spanish
– I´ve only met 4 Canadians! two were from Montreal, others from out West
– French pilgrims often call me ¨counsin¨and my many patches on my backpack serve as a great opener for conversation!

I´m not tired of eating paella, drinking 43 or sleeping in Albergues
I wish I had my 35mm camera to take better pictures, but I appreciate it would be TOO heavy
I want to come back to the Camino
My Spanish is good and it´s comfortable to be where I learned it!

I sleep very well at night
I only have one lasting blister
I forgot one of my shirts at one Albergue but got a new one here in Leon
It´s very hot now
I have no idea what is going on in the world, and that´s OK!!

I can´t tell time, nor do I care to, except when it´s to figure out if a cathedral is open (very limited hours)
I love to smell the morning flowers, and the earth! I hadn´t really taken the time to smell ¨earth¨before…. or moist hay!
I saw my first cows today
Regular body soap doesn´t work well as shampoo
I prefer top bunks to lower bunks due to feeling a bit claustrophobic on the bottom bunk
Women snore as much as men
I´ve been walking with a dried chorizo for almost a week – it can keep up to 4 months so that´s good!
Olives are VERY cheap here and a great snack
I love my CROCS – they are a great walking sandal when I take off my boots
I´ve learned to loosen my laces mid day, and that helps the feet get to the end of the day´s walk

I am always amazed at how much red dust comes out in the wash
I´ve only been bitten once by a mosquito
Buen Camino is the standard greeting not only pilgrim to pilgrim, but Spaniard to pilgrim
Many Spaniards know where Ottawa is!! whohoo!! and that it´s our Capital!
I´ve been asked at least 4 times how the Queen fits into our running of the country

That´s all for now…
Hasta luego (from Leon)