A long learning day

I think I learned more Camino trekking today than all past week combined.

I never quite understood the Siesta concept but I sure do now. My first “what did I learn” to quote my sweetie, was to leave past 8 this morning.

Given this was going to be a long stretch with only one stop (hence SHADE) I should have started earlier in the day. Even if it was overcast when I left Sayagun, I shouldn’t have expected the day to go on that way.

My second “what did I learn” was to recheck the distance in the guide book. For some reason I seemed surprised when I arrived so soon in Bercianos, and that’s because I had mixed up my distances. Rather than feel a bit cocky I walked so quickly I should have know that was WAY too quick to be right.

All this lead me to walk a really long way at peek hot time in zero shade… And even with three applications of sunscreen and Steve’s Tilley hat, I still couldn’t keep the sweat from running down over every inch of my body.

Not to worry, I had plenty of warm water as nothing was staying cool (including my dark chocolate bar!). It’s amazing just how much the body slows down when it’s so hot.

What didn’t help was seeing a cross memorializing a pilgrim who passed away – by that point I was sure it was of heat stroke…
By the time I saw the first signs of Burgo Ranero I was tired, hot and grumpy not to mention a bit distracted. I continued to walk along the same dirt road even through the construction area only to pop up a few mms away from the entrance to the city.

I walked on the highway to a large service area and walked in to get cold water and some fruit. The waiter looked at his coworker and said in Spanish “there’s another one who missed the sign”

By the time I finally got to the allergies all were full, as well as the two hostals . The owner of the hostels offered me a room in her building so all ended well. I walked into the room and over the bed is a picture of “La Liseuse” a painting that Mom had done in needlepoint years ago. I feel protected and safe!

Many lessons learned today! Life is great!