The birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees

It’s 9:30 pm, Friday evening and I feel as if I am in a Hitchcock movie! There must be more than a hundred little birds flying around the old buildings.
I am sitting on the balcony overlooking this old church and between the pigeons coming in for the night through the holes in the walls and the others birds swooping everywhere, all I am waiting for is Mr Hitchcock to say “Good eeeeevening”…

Both stork parents are now in the nest and I can occasionally see the little bird’ head. Storks’ nests are a common site here, especially perched high over church towers and peaks. I have to admit this is the first time I ever see these.

The same can be said for many other birds I encounter while walking. I’ve come to recognize the approximate time of day based on the birds I see. Their songs are very distinct and it’s a true joy to actually find some familiarity after a week of walking from early morning on.

I’m sure my bird watching friends could tell which is which, but I am content to simply recognize the difference between them. The same can be said for the flowers and plants.

From Burgos to now Sahagun I am noticing the changes not only in the flora itself but also the rocks, brush and ground colors. The poppies were in great abundance early last week and now I see more of the bright yellow ones.


Just like those in the picture. With so much time walking I really am enjoying looking around at everything I see.

In fact, some of my pictures may just be the inspiration for some art quilts I will design and make in the future.

This week has been a week of so many new sights and sounds and as predicted by others who have done this Camino, the newness of it all is keeping my mind very busy.

I am relishing each moment and I can’t even imagine what awaits me tomorrow, next week or next month!

A week of walking

A new week begins and I cannot believe 7 days have gone by already.
I feel so rested even thought I’ve never walked so much in one period of time.

I find when I lay my head down to sleep I just slowly drift away thinking of the past day’s adventures, sights and beauty. I have slowed down my pace to enjoy more the scenery and views.

I needed to tighten my pack straps a wee bit which likely means my body is also changing.

Now I wish I would have learned more of the history of each town, which I will do on my return. I think there are so many experiences here that even one book could hold…

I had a dream that we owned a little cafe called “la Canadienne” and we served mostly coffee and sucre a la creme! Funny!!!

I am rejoicing at the fact I have so many weeks left here and I am so HAPPY I am able to do this at this time in my life..
Hasta luego