There is no status on the Camino

There is no such thing as status on the Camino. We are all pilgrims with a common goal – to walk the Camino. From yesterday when I met a couple from Ottawa, to today’s walk and now in the quaint albergue , I’ve already met at least 20 or so people and heard 20 or so reasons why they are here.

Folks are from all walks of life, most around my age or older. Some are listeners, most are speakers. One of my active decisions on this journey is to listen more than speak – a tall order for me ..

One thing that is quickly apparent is the instant camaraderie that everyone shows to each other. Everyone is ready take a picture for you and often of you

There are standard questions: Where are you from or for me more often “Ah Canadian!” Where did you start? How far are you going? and after some chitchat Why are you doing this?
The last question is personal. so it seems the unspoken protocol is that a least some conversation needs to precede it.

The responses are as varied as the people and their stories are quite interesting. My standard reply is that it’s been on my to-do list (bucket list seems an obscure term here), that I just retired and that it is the perfect time.

Quite a few challenged me – Why are you really here? I recognize I have many possible reasons which I will likely figure out along the way. For this part of this journey I am more intrigued to learn about others’ reasons to undertake such a monumental journey.

From what I have far, there will be an abundance of stories and motivations, Those on their own will be worth a lot!
Hasta luego