In Madrid

Arrived an hour ago with pack! yeah! Took the local bus to downtown and since getting to Burgos will put my arrival late, I will find an auberge here tonight and leave in the AM.

It’s beautiful here – sunny and hot. it’s great to hear Spain Spanish again! Hasta luego

And so it starts

Here I am sitting at the Ottawa airport waiting for my flight. I have to admit this past week has been pretty quiet.

I couldn’t believe how calm I have been. Even today I found myself in no rush… I suspect it is due to the many hundreds of work flights I have taken.

5 pm – this is when it all changed. Steve along with Lisa and Huck came to the airport. Standing in line to check my backpack, I couldn’t help but remember the last time I stood in this line was when we sent Lisa off to England.

What a difference two years have made. What a difference two months have made. Two months ago my retirement was just a possibility yet here I am, now in flight to my first stop – Frankfurt.

I’m also here on my own with no laptop, no rolly suitcase and no Steve. Those have been my flights for the past many years.

This now is finally settling in that this is no ordinary flight for work, or for a cruise with my Sweetie.

This is a new adventure, a new experience, a new world. One of no schedule other than leaving the albergue by 8 am or lights out by 10 pm.

Even though I wrote months ago that I would be on the Camino, I wasn’t quite sure of the timing. Here I am today mere days from setting foot on that Camino.

I am finally starting to feel the odd butterfly in my stomach. I am excited and grateful that I am able to undertake this amazing journey.
All I can say is … Bring it on !!!