A New Chapter Begins…

This past Tuesday I completed the final steps for my departure from my 20 year career. I turned in my laptop, corporate card and pass as well as signed the final papers.

Do I feel any different? Not really. I expect the retirement will only really hit me when I have completed my Camino, and I am at home, on a week day and realize I do not have to attend any conference calls, conduct any training sessions or check work emails. Until then, this will feel just like a holiday…

And oh – what a holiday this will be! It’s truly the new chapter in my life. In less than 9 days, my feet will take those first few steps on the Camino, and I will start a fabulous journey of experiences. I am trying not to set expectations of this journey, yet I know without any doubt that I will be different after walking 500 km, meeting loads of new people and having hundreds of hours alone with my thoughts, memories and aspirations for the future.

I’ve stopped reading blogs and postings about the Camino as I feel that I need to have a fairly “clean slate” to begin my own journey. I’ve learned so much from the books and blogs I’ve read and from the interactions with past pilgrims. I feel prepared for the most part, understanding the challenges of the actual walking, the change of pace and the new resting places where I will welcome a night’s sleep.

The rest will unfold as it needs to unfold. And there lies my only expectation – that things will come to me in due time. I will not force anything to happen, but instead I will live each moment as it arrives. I will keep an open mind and accept what may be presented to me as a gift; be these gifts as difficult, emotional, fun, challenging, uplifting, sobering or thought-provoking.

I will do my best to update this blog as often as I can get connectivity, however I expect there will be gaps of a few days while traveling through the smaller villages.

I am ready for this journey and I look forward to sharing my thoughts and pictures with you all! The page of this new chapter is about to be turned  – – Bring it on!!