I have a Secret….

You know many of us… We walk around with smiles and strange looks in our eyes – that’s the dreaming look. We can counter state anything you say that is negative – – Try us, you will be surprised at our tenacity.

We lurk when you are not looking, chasing after clouds, downed attitudes and low moral. We jump behind you when you least expect it. We talk you through challenging times. We look at the bright side in times where darkness seems to have made its home.

We tell stories of hope, joy and love. We weigh the pros and cons until the pros conquer. We look at things upside down, sideways, reverse until we see the art that comes out of … a mess.

We smile and make you wonder what we think and believe. We write notes when you least expect it and we leave fun emails in your mailbox. We send you anonymous dodads and we might even write in multi-coloured pens.

We are – – – members of the Secret Society of Happy People. YES WE ARE! And yes, we really have a true organization with logos and a website!  A really cool website for those who are proud and loud to be stating “I am HAPPY!”

I know… many of you are surprised. My corporate image is “slightly” more demure… but nevertheless, I do my best to be positive – uplifting and well, just happy! The alternative doesn’t seem appealing to me at all.

So long live the Happy People! Let’s all come out of the DARK corners and profess our happiness – to all to hear… (and I admit, annoy at times…) – You gotta love us!

Happy thoughts everyone!

Making our own celebrations

So you’ve finally cleaned that downstairs closet of junk… you have completed that craft project… you have lost a few pounds and you have sent in your taxes…

CELEBRATE! Yes, celebrate the simple things in life… We should be happy for our own accomplishments and should not need anyone’s praises but our own. Our internal battles, challenges and obstacles are personal – and so should be our celebrations of overcoming said battles, challenges and obstacles.

Who knows ourselves better than we? Who knows what steps we have taken to overcome adversity, be it that daunting closet or that marathon, that disease or that grief? We should try to find an accomplishment every day, and internally celebrate it! After all, there are thousands of books, shows and individuals who will tell us things we need to do, to complete, to fulfill, to reach…

What do they know? Who do they know? What do they know of us, of our struggles, of our internal roadblocks, of our goals and of our plans? Only some really know what walking during a rainstorm can mean to someone who is terrified of thunder. Only some really know what jumping off the high board in a small pool can mean to someone who is afraid of heights or water. Only some really know what taking off in an airplane can mean to someone who is terrified of flying.

Only some can know what accomplishment they achieve day in, day out. We should always rejoice in our own strength, celebrate our steps, smile at our milestones and be happy with our own peace of mind.

Today, celebrate who you ARE, what you have DONE for yourself, what YOU have accomplished and know… that is ALL THAT COUNTS – to be happy… with yourself and your chosen path!

In short….. CELEBRATE…. you!

Could you summarize a year of work in two weeks’ time?

I thought it would be fairly easy – after all, a good part of my corporate work is fairly routine; at least, that’s what I thought.

I assumed I could list my major tasks, and one by one, ensure I had someone to take over with good processes and documentation. Sounds simple enough until I started my list.

We many not always realize it, but we do a lot of activities that occur only a few times a year such as taxes, year end reports, annual reviews… We have tasks that occur monthly, and some weekly.

Trying to think of all these different things is something I expected to do in a few days by going through my calendar, my files, my log books… It seems each time I manage one task, I find two or three more. My time is getting shorter, and I even discovered that this coming week only has 4 days – it’s Good Friday and it’s a work free day…

That means that I have exactly 7 work days left – – and suddenly, I feel overwhelmed and a slight bit, shall we say, uncomfortable. I want to leave with everything in place. In reality, I’ve not had a whole lot of time to get ready for a complete departure…

Would you be able to do that within a month time? I honestly thought it would be a piece of cake – now I’m realizing it’s very challenging to compress a year’s worth of activities let alone those we don’t even notice due to habit, comfort, and experience.

Am I getting cold feet? Not in terms of my Camino journey, but maybe wondering if I am leaving my coworkers and successors with enough information, guidance and coaching. I would like to think that they will say that I left with everything in good order. If I haven’t, or some strange unique activity comes up, please know my intentions were good. I also know that a part of my heart will always stay behind…

Can one say goodbye to a 20 year career without some bittersweet feelings? It’s been a great journey, and now is the time for me to turn my eyes, mind, heart and soul to the next part of my life with my sweetie, my family, my friends and the many adventures that are sure to surprise me.

To my 20 year career I say “Thank you and so long”, to my next 35 years I say – “Bring it on – I’m ready!”