If I just show up, the rest will follow…

It’s been a bit more than a month since my return from my 9 week stay in Buenos Aires. I finally feel I am back to a good routine. Now, many of you will be surprise that I actually like routine. Not the routine where I know what I will do every hour of the day, but simple activities that I know mark certain days and times.

My favorite re-adopted routine is my kettlebell workouts. I have to admit that often I have read that the hardest thing to do in a new workout program is simply to show up. The rest typically follows. The days are much shorter now and when 5 AM comes about, it is as black as night outside. One couldn’t really tell if it was 11 pm or 4 am. My bird chirping alarm seems to call “kettlebells, kettlebells” instead of tweet tweet. YES, I do wake up to sounds of birds, I find this a lot less jarring than the radio or even worse, a buzzing sound.

For the first few minutes needed for my brain to engage legs to move, arms to move and body to get out of bed, I too get the “oh, it would be so easy to just skip today” or “is that a sore knee I feel” but I know that if I just show up, the rest will follow. As I eat my light breakfast of PB and banana on whole wheat, part of me thinks that perhaps an extra hour sleep would be best… and I remember, “If I just show up, the rest will follow.”

The car is typically cold, the steering wheel cranks sluggishly and I tell myself “If I just show up, the rest will follow.” The streets are quiet with just a few cars here and there. I start to feel the heater do its work, and before I know it, I arrive at the center. Mary’s car is always there early, the back door opened and the colored kettlebells are waiting to get picked up by all the participants. I actually bring my own, given I have invested in the entire set. My kettlebells stay warm which is a bonus. There is nothing like a cold kettlebell that has sat in the car overnight to remind me of the value of warmth.

The workouts are not easy… not at all. In fact, I am reminded of every move typically the day after the workout. I also realize that this means my muscles are working to get stronger. Each passing week, I feel the changes, small but noticeable changes. I realized this morning that I would be two entire weeks without my kettlebells, but my trainer Mary reminded me that kettlebells are not needed to do daily squats and other exercises.

┬áSo even though cruises typically mean eating, eating and more eating, my personal goal is to lose one pound, yes, one little pound, 16 little ounces during my cruise. The cruiseships have beautiful workout rooms and tracks around the decks. What I really enjoy about cruising is that I don’t need to chop, prepare and cook food! And believe me, there is NEVER a lack of food, good or bad on a cruiseship. My aim is to enjoy in moderation and just relax and forget about anything but enjoying each ray of sunshine, each moment of tranquility (yes, this too can be achieved even though there are thousands of passengers) and of course, the company of my sweetie.

When the deck chairs seem to invite me to sit rather than walk, when the bed seems too comfy to leave, when the thought of working out has my imagination coming up with a dozen reasons why I shouldn’t be in the gym, I will remember that all I have to do… it to show up, the rest will follow….

Sunshine, here I come!