Month: October 2010

  • NaNoWriMo – Insanity in a month’s time

    Writing a novel is a dream, goal or passion that comes up quite often on “must do before I die” lists all around the world. For some the creation of a novel has been lurking in their minds since the first word book was in their hands.  For others it could have emerged following the […]

  • Love and love-a-bit-less relationship…

    It’s not a love and hate relationship, it’s a love, and a love-a-bit-less relationship. We first met a few years ago at the break of dawn near the watershore. The sun was just peeking from the horizon and the summer beach bugs were swirling around from time to time. It was a strange encounter, one […]

  • Don’t sweat the small things… celebrate them!

    So here I am, Sunday night in my fun aqua and brown office decor, sitting in my familiar chair, using my familiar keyboard, and looking at my familiar screen. The smell of my cooking spaghetti sauce wafts upstairs as I play my new Tango CD. Hard to believe, less than 48 hours ago I still […]