Putting things into perspective

I know it’s been a while since I last posted. I’ve been quite busy at work, and I have learned from my past experiences that there are times when we need to prioritize our time. Things that fall off my list are typically the “fun” things, crafts, blogging, posting and reading…

I am one to strive for balance in life, and I admit that there are many times where I choose to ignore the balance for the sake of things needing to be done. But unlike other times where I would have felt some resentment or frustration about that imbalance, I now recognize that the benefits of letting this “imbalance” happen overweighs the cost of seeking continuous balance.

My work requires a lot from me; especially when I am performing two roles at once. I take pride in my work and aim to do my best without going overboard. And this is where the big difference lies from my past behaviors.

I have learned to put in all in perspective. I admit at times it’s very difficult to be rational. Under stress, we tend to feel even more boxed in or frustrated. But when we can take one step back, and put the moment in perspective, it can help us in forging ahead knowing that the balance will occur over a longer period of time…

Of late, a typical day for me starts with a nice walk to work. I walk about 15 minutes through the vendor and restaurant streets and I appreciate seeing everyone getting ready for their day. Deliveries are being made, streets are being cleaned and store fronts are being opened;  this will be a theme of my some facebook photos for sure.

During the day, my tasks are partially planned, and partially “as things come up” – and these past weeks, more “things have come up” than ever. We are approaching a testing period in our projects, and certain things have not progressed as expected. Much is at stake since our go live date is fixed. However, one can do two things when faced with such “as they come up” situations –

We can panic, point fingers, look for blame, try to ignore, OR we can take inventory of where we are at this point, and without doing anything else (like looking back, trying to figure out who did what) we simply move ahead. Things are where they are, and the focus should be on either catching up, changing course or stopping things.

I cannot spend valuable energy on worrying about what “might” happen, or “what happened”… this will not add to the immediate need. One must put things into perspective, do the best we can to move forward, ask for support if this is needed, and …. forge ahead!

How has this changed my day? Well, I still am faced with a lot of challenges, some are small, some are enormous, but overall I just know that the focus is on restoration and moving ahead. Will everything work as planned? Likely not… it may be worse or better – but never exacly as planned.

I will walk away at the appropriate time knowing that despite the setbacks, the challenges, the misses, I will have done my very best… and that’s what I can give.

Meanwhile, I still seek that balance – but rather than evaluate it each day, i seek for balance within my entire week… so i work hard and focused during the week, and then my weekends are for fun, diversion and recharging.

To me, keeping things in perspective be it over a day, a week, a month or a lifetime seems to help me figure things out! Happy day to you all.

Coincidence or more…

I suspect this has likely happened to you at some point in your life… (or this year, this month or this week!). You meet or contact someone and get the “Oh wow, I was thinking about you, or I was about to call you, or I just found this old card you sent me and wondered how you were”.

For many of you, these are mere coincidences, nothing more. Life happens and sometimes distinct activities just merely cross each other. For others, this is another manifestation that our lives are more interconnected than we may think.

Just last week I sent a note to my kettlebell instructor whom I had not seen in over a year. She replied “Sylvie, Sylvie, Sylvie – I was having coffee with two other students and they asked how you were doing. Yours ears must have been burning!”.

Why was this expression ever invented if NOT for such crossings that some call coincidences, and other calls “connections”. I chanced on this story this morning as I was checking my emails.


This dying man who left his family when his daughter was very young ends up having her as his palliative care nurse.

She saw his name on the list of new patients and discovered that this patient was in fact her father. Some could say it is just coincidence. He is a admitted to a facility close to where he lived when he was with his daughter. She stayed close to her original home. It is merely a coincidence that they meet at this time in his life.

 One day, Meagan and I were returning from the United States and we had JUST finished a conversation where I had mentioned about my long time friend. This friend and I see each other a few times a year, and we keep in touch via email. As we waited to get through Customs, on the other side of the fence, I see a car parked and the driver looked a lot like my friend. I mentioned it to Meg and she told me that couldn’t be. Turned out it was him and his family headed to the US for a long weekend.

Can I tell you that the odds of this happening are so infinitesimally small. Why did we happen to be at the same place, at the same time, right after I had a conversation about him?  Thirty seconds earlier or later we would have missed each other completely. Can it be that these “connections” happen on a daily basis, and we just don’t notice them often? Or are these connections a reality?

I’d rather believe that this world is a series of billions of interconnectivity with all we have met in our lives. What are your thoughts? Have you had alike “connections” that just go beyond coincidences?