Life From an Optimist’s Point of View

  • The Father we know or have known

    There are moments in life that simply bring us to our knees in sheer emotions… Today was one of those moments… I heard this song that was written for Celine Dion by the amazing artist Pink. It is such a totally emotional “cry out your heart song” of gratitude and love, and the constant reach to […]

  • The wonders of nostalgia

    “Live in the present” we hear, almost on a daily basis. My philosophy differs somewhat. I see validity and value in the past, the present and the future. I found myself busy cleaning the kitchen and chanced upon this beautiful cup. How many of us remember our parents or grandparents drinking from such a cup. […]

  • New appreciation for my ancestors

    New appreciation for my ancestors

    On June 27th, I, along with 47 other pilgrims (mostly from Bordeaux France) set sail from Bordeaux to A Coruna in Spain. The 3 mast sailboat made its maiden voyage in June of 1896. Its original cargo was of cocoa beans from Brazil to Nantes in France for the french chocolatier Menier. Today it serves […]

  • Hollyhocks from Heaven

    My garden is a big source of pleasure for me. I enjoy everything about it, from the planning and making decisions on look and feel, to the putting it all together, planting, caring, nurturing and enjoying every stage of the growth of all the plants/fruits/veggies/herbs. I try to make my garden a calm haven. I […]

  • Santa wore mascara

    The tree was beautifully decorated and the sweet smell of cookies wafted from the kitchen. We were all gathered at my Mom’s house and I had planned to be Santa for the young ones. We sat around and enjoyed each other’s company, and I quietly left the living room, making sure no one saw me. […]

  • The “Z” Memories – Walking down the camino memory lane

    Here we are at the last letter of the alphabet, the letter “Z”. This zaftig statue depicts a woman along side her equally rotund man.  This particular couple can be found in the city of Burgos. I’m not sure if they are wearing the clothing of a certain area, but I have seen many alike […]

  • The Y” Memories – Walking down the Camino Memory Lane

      How’s this for an original mailbox… therefore “You’ve got MAIL!” – There are so many original items that include shells… another very well known Camino symbol. I have heard that in the old days (post the rediscovery of the remains of St. James) pilgrims used to have to walk not only to Santiago, but […]

  • The “X” Memories – Walking down the Camino memory lane

    Ah – those xanthic arrows! I had to look hard for “X” words, and as you will see, I could only come up with two, but they are good ones! So xanthic means “of or relating to yellow”. The yellow arrow is a very common symbol of the Camino. We love the yellow arrows as they […]

  • The “W” Memories – Walking down the Camino Memory Lane

    Every pilgrim’s Camino is personal and different. We might walk the same roads, sleep in the same albergues, attend the same masses but every single pilgrim comes with its own personal experiences, thoughts and dreams. When I saw these boots, I was reminded of the statement “Walk a mile in my shoes” meaning live my […]

  • the “V” Memories – Walking down the Camino memory lane

    La Vaca que rie – The Laughing cow cheese – one of my go-to snacks on the Camino. Surprisingly enough, it could be kept without having to be refrigerated, making this a great snack. And as mentioned before, in Spain, cheese is very inexpensive – a quarter of the cost back home. It was a […]

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