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  • Shed 2020… the challenge continues!

    Shed 2020… the challenge continues!

    I previously shared that I had gained weight during the first four months of the shutdown. Nothing drastic, just wrong choices and wrong portions, and no moving. Then on July 5th, the brain clicked in that this was unacceptable for me. I stopped most carbs, increased fruits/veggies, drank water and EXERCISED. I shed the Covid […]

  • Physical Breakthrough – Thank you, Camino!

    Physical Breakthrough – Thank you, Camino!

    I don’t think there is a soul in the world that has not been affected by COVID, including myself. I couldn’t get tested due to the fact it was early on and I wasn’t a first responder or public-facing, but I am more than convinced that it was COVID. I was quite sick for 4 […]

  • Last is the New First

    Last is the New First

    The alarm rang at 6:15 am on Saturday July 1st; a very special Canada day as the country was celebrating our 150th Anniversary of Confederation. I had registered to participate in a 10K race, however, planned on walking the distance. I’ve done many walking races, some as difficult as marathons, half marathons and of the […]

  • Managing my beautiful mind

    Ah! Our amazing mind… it can lead us to impressive results, create incredible imaginary stories, regulate our bodies and a zillion more things. Our mind however can also play some interesting tricks on us, as I was about to discover. Many of you know that I have a big project on the go, that of […]

  • Renewed focus on returning to my Camino

    Everything was set; my backpack was as light as could be, my plans were open enough to allow for changes, but focus enough to get my end goal accomplished. Although my first two Camino weeks were challenging in many ways, nothing was set to prepare me for a halt… not just a halt for a […]

  • Gambatte Kudasai – Do Your Best

    I am reading a great book by a local author Robert C. Sibley, a journalist for the Ottawa Citizen, about his pilgrimage in Japan. He walked over 1,400 km and visited 88 Temples along the way. In this book, he speaks of a phrase that is often said between pilgrims doing this trek – “Gambatte […]

  • Applying all the learnings…

    I am now almost at the end of Week 10 of my project. I’m still applying all the new knowledge and old nuggets of information I have documented, and it has become second nature to question most of my food choice to ensure I have either – chosen the best type of food – chosen […]

  • 8 Week follow up

    Jan 13th marks the completion of 8 weeks of my 20 week project to a healthier me. I’ve lost an additional 3 lbs, bringing my 8 week total to 8.5 lbs. May not seem like much to those who are dieting every day, but the reality is, I’m NOT dieting. I’m incorporating life changes for […]

  • Week 7 – Day 5

    Things happen…. notice I did not say “%%^& happens” although it could fit! Even our best intentions sometimes are challenged by unexpected events. This could be a cold, flu, sprain, event in the family that requires our time (limiting workout times) etc. In my case, my situation was self-inflicted although unplanned. Since I knew I […]

  • Gym time… and a bit more background to this project!

    Gym time… and a bit more background to this project!

    Today I had a complimentary session with Russell Shaw, a trainer at the Goodlife Fitness Gym in Barrhaven. He was so informative, nice and personable and he developed a program specific to my needs – – ie, getting ready for my next Camino starting in April. You’ll notice the duration of this project is important […]