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Last is the New First

The alarm rang at 6:15 am on Saturday July 1st; a very special Canada day as the country was celebrating our 150th Anniversary of Confederation. I had registered to participate in a 10K race, however, planned on walking the distance.

I’ve done many walking races, some as difficult as marathons, half marathons and of the last 6 years or so, only 10k events. I’m far from being a runner, I’m seldom a jogger, and mostly experience the race from the back of the file.

I get to see the elite front end runners coming back on the second half of the race, well into my second or third kilometer. It’s something not too many people see as they typically follow the front runners, usually 2 or 3 kilometers behind. I get to see them coming towards me, their feet landing with little sound, their gait long, their bodies elegant and strong… what a beautiful sight! They swish by me and disappear quickly as they aim to break their personal best record.

I get to thank the volunteers as I rapidly walk by, with enough time to share a few words with them. Running fast doesn’t allow one to do this! I don’t have to crowd in to try to get some water at the water station, I’m typically one of the last they serve. I am typically alone in the photographs the run team take, no chance of losing sight of me among the big crowds of runners.

I am proud to say I completed the 10K. Despite wanting to go back to bed, I completed the race. Despite the rain pouring as I arrived, forcing some runners to return to their homes, I completed the race. Despite the start of the event in torrential rain, I completed the race. Despite shivering at some point and getting a huge leg cramp at kilometer 4, I completed the race.

I finished third from last. There were still lots of people at the finish line encouraging us “slow ones” as we arrived. And, that is what counts. I finished, and I even was able to shave off almost 4 minutes from my last 10K race. Ultimately, it’s not about the completion time. It’s about getting out there, regardless of the adversity, and finishing what I set out to do.

It’s always a new race, a new setting, new challenges and the key is to simply push through the effort and meet my personal goals. Last place is MY first place – keeping my personal promise to complete my event.

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3 responses to “Last is the New First”

  1. Winnie Gorman Avatar
    Winnie Gorman

    Good for you Sylviie!!! Congratulations!! ?? ??

  2. Linda Shand Avatar
    Linda Shand

    Congrats Sylvie, very proud to call you my friend!!!

  3. Avatar

    Congratulations! It’s a new race, a new setting, new challenges and emotions! What else can be better?

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