A chain has been physically broken…

Poppies in Spain

Poppies in Spain

A chain has been physically broken…
But never to be separated soulfully. Our oldest sister passed away this week – and when you have a chain of 5 siblings, closer than most families, more linked in every way … then the departure now marks the space that held the chain together… we will need to leverage the love, the commitment, the understanding and the compassion to keep it together soulfully…

I am truly blessed as I am to undertake my third Camino de Santiago in Spain. This Camino, however, is one of a journey of two souls, but only one set of steps. Two hearts connected forever will discover new insights, new ways to communicate, and a truly double appreciation of what the Camino provides.

Calmness when silence is needed to manage the emotions. Beauty in the nature that will surround us. Comfort, connections, smiles and support from other pilgrims. The solace of a worn down pew seat in a small village church. The wind in the crops, the sun on the flowers and the cold refreshing waters of the fountains.

She really enjoyed poppies, therefore my dates have changed to have us stroll through the country, jostle through the large cities, shed tears at sight of the largest crimson jewels stretching out to reach the rays of the warm sun.

May 19th – my feet on some part of the Camino (to be determined upon my arrival in Madrid) will start this amazing journey that will be as unique as our Canadian snowflakes… one of a kind journey of two alike souls.

This journey will ignite the healing needed to recover from such a loss, and will offer endless ways to connect at much deeper levels.
My boots are by my door, my pack is slowly gorging with items, and my heart and soul are preparing for an amazing experience.
41 days and counting…

2 thoughts on “A chain has been physically broken…

  1. As you know, I’m very saddened by the news of your sisters’ passing – she will be missed by all who knew her. Buen Camino to both of you!

  2. Sylvie, I still find it hard to believe that Denise has left us. I know you are saddened by her passing but she will certainly live on in your heart and in your memories. I had the pleasure of knowing her for almost 16 years and in that time I found her to be a loving and caring person. Take her memory with you on your Camino journey and release your sorrow as you watch Denise wave to you as the poppies sway in the breeze. I will anxiously watch your blog to hear of your many adventures.

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