For pilgrims and others …

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESIt’s been over a week and some that I have been at the albergue and some of you have asked me why I enjoy being part of that environment. Let me try to summarize this as best as I can.

When pilgrims arrive tired, exhausted and simply want a bed for the night and I see their faces light up when we tell them we have room for them – that makes me feel happy.

When they look surprised when I speak French or English, that makes me feel happy.

When they need help to make a reservation in Spanish and I can help them, that makes me feel happy.

When the pilgrims leave the dinner table rested and fed, that makes me happy.

When pilgrims just want to chat about their experiences and I can take the time to listen, that makes me happy.

When pilgrims leave in the morning and thank us and occasionally (ok, more than occasionally) we get hugs, that makes me happy.

When we clean the last dish and wash the last glass, and the pilgrims are all tucked in their sleeping bags asleep, that makes me happy.

When we finish getting the beds ready, the floor swept and the food restocked ready for another day, that makes me happy.

Giving back can happen in many ways, and somehow being able to be here for the pilgrims and for my good friend Bruno (who is one of the most dedicated hard-working person I know on the Camino), that makes me happy.

It’s simple yet the words don’t really convey the joy I have being part of this! I know I will miss this lifestyle when I leave … I have learned a lot and received even more…
I am truly blessed!

Cheers from Moratinos

2 thoughts on “For pilgrims and others …

    • Foot is great, knee was better to yesterday was the first time I needed to cross-tape it since I’ve been here in Moratinos.
      Overall doing great! Thanks for keeping tabs Greg! See you when I return, whenever that might be!

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