I was saddened but now …

I was saddened but now…

Sadness does not last forever when we walk in the direction of that which we always desired – Paulo Coelho

Day after day my sadness grew. I witnessed ugly attitudes, selfish ways, uncivilized actions and it saddened me. Where had the spirit of the Camino gone?

Crowds of pilgrims rushing from one albergue to the next, walking at the speed of light. What might they be missing with only the focus of getting a bed or getting to the next location?

The idea of stopping to smell the roses was overtaken by the feet stepping on the roses for the sake of distance and progress.

My first Camino although made at the exact same date two years ago was so different… Pilgrims seeking to cover distance did so in conscious ways so as not to impose on others. Care was taken so not to disturb those who followed a different schedule.

Now things have changed and I felt the spirit of the Camino was gone… And would I ever find it again?

Then I landed here in Moratinos at my friend Bruno’s albergue! Here is an owner who truly cares about the pilgrims. He cares about his albergue and he offers a home-cooked meal in the tradition of his hone country Italy.

When team Nestor arrived here we chanced upon a community lunch and we were welcomed with open arms and plates full of food! Another Facebook friend Rebekah and her husband spent time with us and I started to feel the spirit cone back. I offered Bruno to stay for a while and help him out; being with the pilgrims at day end, seeing them enjoying the meal and chatting with them made the spirit of the Camino come alive.

I am peaceful here and although there is lots of work it’s truly not work for me. It feels like … giving back to the Camino and to Bruno who opened his door to me in 2011 (I was his first pilgrim guest!) and he shared his experience of building his albergue. 

His gift to me of letting me share my time with him and learn about the albergue life is what life is all about!

The Camino spirit is alive and well, at the very least in Moratinos! When I leave here to head to Santiago I know I will be refreshed and ready for my next volunteer time. 

Cheers from Moratinos
PS I will rejoin team Nestor in a week or so and we will all head to Santiago again!