May 9th Update – Haro to Burgos

First and foremost, please keep my sister Denise in your prayers as she suffered a heart attack, was treated with an angioplasty procedure and is resting in the Ottawa Heart Institute. She is in one of the best hospital for this type of situation, I trust that all will go well and she will be healing quickly.

We´ve had a few days without good internet access, so I will be catching up on the past few days. We are currently in Burgos with a rest day, while Mari-Jo and Patrick have concluded their Camino travels for this year.




The first three pictures are of a church in Haro, a small town.





The tomb you see is of San Juan de Ortega, better known as Saint John the Hermit (c. 1050–1143), who was born near Burgos, Spain, and became a priest at a young age.



The gentleman beside me is Bernard from… Ottawa! Yes, Ottawa !! We met at the cross, and we walked about two hours together. Turns out we even attended the same Pilgrim Association meetings but never actually recognized each other or met. Quite amazing to come so far and meet someone who lives 20 minutes from me! We will meet again this summer and exchange stories!


The last two pictures are from the city of Burgos. This is where I originally started my Camino in 2011. It´s very strange to be back again in this city, knowing that from this point on, the Camino will look very familiar!



cheers from Burgos Spain