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Our arrival in the village of Beasain caused quite a stir! While I was out looking for a pharmacy, the local newspaper editor approached the team to write something up. Here is the rough translation of the article published in the El Diario Vasco 30th of March.

They are not lost, on the contrary, nor are they recreatng Sancho Panza. However their passage in the streets of Iturrioz and Nagusia, around 17:45 got the attention of other walkers. He is a pilgrim from France who, along with his donkey baptized Nestor, covering the Camino Santiago via the Interior route.

He´s not alone, but with his ladyfriend, a French couple from France and a Canadian pilgrim from Ottawa who went ahead of them. They are staying in the albergue de Igartza. They arrived here, at the end of this stage. Jean Eloy accomodated the donkey near a field close to the train track to allow it its little piece of ¨greenery¨. The donkey could then rest and regain his strength for the next day. Jean stayed in the albergue with his companion Daniele, and friends Marie’Jo and Patrick.

¨Two years ago, along with Nestor, we completed the Camino Frances; we did it in 2 months and 10 days. With the other couple and Sylvie, the Canadian, we took to the road. We established a relationship which developed into friendship and we were excited to plan our Camino del Interior¨stated Jean.

To Santiago on June 10th
Until now, he cover stages of between 25 and 35 km, and Nestor did well. In consideration of this, they expect to arrive in Santiago June 10th.

The albergue provided the support of the hospitalero Miguel Zulaika who explained that to cover the next stage to Zegama they would follow roads through Olaberria, however there would be many stairs to traverse. Impediment for sure, for Nestor who has his own credential with the stamps of all the albergues.

The night found the four pilgrims in the albergue, however the Canadian pilgrim stricken with congestion problems, and so to no disturb the others, opted to stay in a nearby hotel.

The hospitalero explained that up to now, 27 pilgrims had stayed in the albergue ¨the Tower of Babel¨which offers cover to Basque, Cataluna, Andaluce, Canaries, French, Italian, Australian and Dutch pilgrims.

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  1. How super to see the article featuring Nestor and you no less, Sylvie. I read your blogs daily with great pleasure. My thoughts are with you. Big hug to you, and Nestor 🙂

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