Pictures of our first few days

I´m resting today to give my lungs a break and finally get those germs out and gone. I decided to stop at the only internet cafe (called Locutoria) and upload a few pictures from my camera.

Here is team Nestor with the only one missing being Stephane who will joni us closer to Santiago.


We started in Hernani and walked a short distance to the local albergue in Aduna.




We then headed out towards the village of Beasian. Most of the walk was either by the river or short distances through the villages.




The weather has been cold with some sun, it snowed in the Pyrenees and more cold fronts are expected as we climb tomorrow to reach the Tunnel Saint-Adrien, altitude of 1145 meters. Should be a good climb!!
Cheers from Basque Country

3 thoughts on “Pictures of our first few days

  1. Sylvie! I hope you don’t mind that I read a few of your entries here on your blog. What a most excellent adventure! You are a special type of crazy and I love it :). Are you ever coming back and when you do myself, Bob Donofrio and Nicolette Frosst would like to talk to you about helping us on a project we are engaged with at SSC. Anyways for now enjoy your trip and let me know when you plan to be back so I can keep an eye for you on our projects. Cheers!

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