Give me steam, steam and more steam!

After a night of semi sleep and coughing, the morning seemed good.
We left the albergue at 8 am with the clouds visible over the Pyrenees and cold winds whipping around us.

Most of the walk today was by rivers and in small villages. I found a new adaptor and also got a SIM card and Euros loaded so that we can stay in touch without taking out a mortgage!

We walked about 16 km today but when we arrived to our planned destination around 3, we discovered that the Youth hostel was really a bar (not so great) with rooms to rent (€40 for two people) and the rooms were horrid.

Our next option was either a 6k walk or we choose a 10k train ride (a whole €1.85 each) so the women took the train while Patrick and Jean walked Nestor. It seems Nestor doesn’t like trains and vice-versa.

Meanwhile I started noticing my lungs were making crazily sounds so time to steam myself up and get rid of this again. We found the albergue but it is in a heritage building ( old, nice but rather cold) so I pulled my first “I’m getting a hotel” card.

Already after 2 very long steamy showers I feel better. If I still am feeling the sane tomorrow I might hop another local train and skip the 20k and 800 meter elevation and meet them at our destination.

This road is a much less traveled one and folks seem to stare a lot! When Nestor appears they simply are amazed! We often hear “WHAT, you are going to Santiago??????”

With so many people with phones, it seems Nestor is once again a star! We actually met a few local donkeys on the way – you should hear them call each other! I’ll film it next time it happens.

I’ll update my Facebook with pictures…
PS the snow is quite visible in the Pyrenees!

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