Visit to St Vincent de Paul’s home

How amazing is this; I visited the actual birth place and home of St Vincent de Paul. He was born in the village of Pouy near Dax in 1581 and was canonized in 1660.



I then visited the local albergue where Stephane is an hospitalero.
Tonight is a special local celebration of which I will post photos later on and a youtube video.

Tomorrow we head off to meet up with the rest of team Nestor, and we should be setting foot on the Camino by noon or so France time (6 am EST). My next blog will be from the Camino in Spain. Please keep in mind that the route we are following called the Bayonne route is much more secluded than the other routes, therefore my updates may be delayed.
Please don’t send for the Guardia Civil quite yet. And remember, the Camino will provide.

My last cheers from France for a while

Visit to the market

Today I spent most of the day at friends Stephane and Dolores’ house. Stephane took me to the local market. Can you say AMAZING cheeses, sausages and of course, foies gras.





YES, that does say donkey milk (NO for me thanks) and yes, they do make donkey sausage (NO NO and TRIPLE NO for me thanks…)


We had a great lunch (in case you are wondering what is on our plates, those are massive white asparagus). Stephane and his grandchild Zoe made a Tarta de Santiago for Team Nestor in honor of our departure tomorrow.