I am a French pilgrim !

After a tough night of coughing I woke up feeling much better. Patrick and I decided to follow the Camino trail to an old church. It was a good 10 kilometer walk with some decent climbs.




It rained when we started our walk therefore I did get to try out my new poncho which is so big as it typically covers the large backpack as well. It was interesting to see how little the Camino signs are in France – nothing like the large yellow arrows we find in Spain.

We visited the church Sorde de l’Abbaye and had a pilgrim lunch so now I feel I have not only officially started my Camino but had the opportunity to walk the Camino on the side of France.




The old building seen here is a very old hospital de pèlerins built hundreds of years ago. The trees are in full bloom here.



This location was used as a wash area – notice the scrub stones. The other picture is of a fixture for your horse, donkey or unicorn it seems!




So now I am ready for our first steps on the Camino in Spain. My feet are fine, my lungs are getting better each hour and life is grand!
Cheers from France

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