Nestor gets new shoes

We headed out to meet up with Jean and Nestor where Danièle would join them. Jean started off near Bordeaux with Nestor 10 days ago. Nestor had to be fitted with shoes as his hoofs were not all grown back from his last Camino that he made two years ago.

Jean and Nestor made it to Saint-Jean-de-Luz, very close to the spanish border. Nestor had some problems with his shoes so a specialist meet them to re-install Nestor*s front shoes. It was quite an experience to see how this was done.

First the shoes were heated up and burnished onto Nestor’s hoof for a first fit – I can tell you this created a terrible smell and lots of smoke. The specialist then adjusted the shoe to fit perfectly. The shoe was put on with 3 nails each side. The nail goes into the hoof nail part and due to its form and position co,es out of the outside of the hoof. The nails are then bent along the hoof, hammered along side the hoof and trimmed.

Nestor now has better shoes but must take a day of rest as he now has a bit of tendinitis in his right front leg. A good day of rest will do him good. This will also allow Danièle and Jean to enjoy a day together after being apart for 10 days.




It was nice to see Nestor again. He looks rather shaggy as he is shedding his winter coat. He didn’t play strange with me.


Marie-Jo and I headed back on the coastal road which allowed us to see the ocean. Tomorrow I get the day to myself (with Hancock the dog) and I will take the time to catch up on my blog.

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