Flexibility is key to my travels

On our departure day I found myself coughing more and more. Danièle called her doctor who agreed to see me under very short noticed. The prognosis was an early case of bronchitis which my Sweetie at home had a few days before my departure from home.

Armed with 1175 grams of 5 various medications (that is 2.9 lbs) we headed out to our friends Marie-Jo and Patrick who live in a small village called Saint Lon Les Mines near the town of Dax. These are the friends who spent 2 weeks with me in Ottawa this past fall.

They live on a beautiful property surrounded by valleys of spectacular beauty. They rescued an old 1862 house that was in ruins and over the past 30 years they have turned it into an amazing abode.





We shared a great meal and caught up with our respective news. Given my increased coughing Marie-Jo suggested I stay back and recover at the house, and leave on Sunday with them. They are joining Team Nestor for 10 days. I agreed as I now know that flexibility is key when I travel. This does mean we will meet up with Nestor and friends on the Spain side which is fine.


I will no doubt be in a much better state to start my Camino.
Cheers from France

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