Arcachon and its Sand Dune

Arcachon is a popular bathing location on the Atlantic coast 55 kilometres (34 mi) southwest of Bordeaux in the Landes forest. It has a fine beach and a mild climate said to be favourable for invalids suffering from pulmonary complaints (good for my current bronchitis!).

We took a three hour boat ride to see the lagoon and the sand dune. The lagoon is surrounded by small fishing villages and spas.


These are oyster parks. Delimited by these sticks, oysters parks allow the regulated farming of these sought-after delicacies.

huitres park

At its southern entrance from the Atlantic ocean Arcachon Bay is crowned by Europe’s largest sand dune, the Dune du Pyla ‘or Pilat). It is nearly 3 kilometres long, 500 metres wide, reaching 107 metres in height, and moving inland at rate of 5 metres a year.

dunes 2
dunes 1

This beautiful area was a great choice for our visit.


Tomorrow we make our way to our friends Marie-Jo and Patrick for an overnight stay. Marie-Jo will drive us to Jean and Nestor to start our Camino.
Cheers from France

One thought on “Arcachon and its Sand Dune

  1. Bonjour Sylvie,

    Merci beaucoup pour toutes ces belles photos et pour ces belles nouvelles. Ça me donne le goût d’aller visiter ce coin de pays. À ce que je crois comprendre tu quittes pour Compostelle demain. Je te souhaite alors “Buen Camino” et j’ai bien hâte de suivre tes aventures.

    Au plaisir de te lire,

    Christine Tremblay

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